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For foreign students


Program of studies at the Medical Faculty:


1st year

1. General chemistry

2. Medical and biological physics

3. Medical biology and genetics

4. Latin

5. Bioorganic chemistry

6. History of medicine

7. Russian language

8. Human anatomy


2nd year

1. Human anatomy

2. Histology, cytology and embryology

3. Microbiology, virology and immunology

4. Biological chemistry

5. Human physiology

6. Russian language


3rd year

1. Pathological physiology

2. Pathological anatomy

3. Propedeutics of internal diseases

4. General surgery

5. Radiological diagnostics

6. Pharmacology

7. General hygiene

8. Radiological therapy

9. Russian language

10. Physiotherapy

11. Nursing practice


4th year

1. Neurology and neurosurgery

2. Skin and venereal diseases

3. Operative surgery and topographical anatomy

4. Obstetrics

5. Otorhinolaryngology

6. Internal medicine (Part I)

7. Surgical diseases (Part I)

8. Social hygiene and public health administration

9. Endocrinology

10. Tuberculosis

11. OPD therapy

12. Urology

13. Medical psychology

14. Tropical parasitology


5th year

1. Pediatrics

2. Oncology

3. Ophthalmology

4. Forensic medicine

5. Psychiatry

6. Traumatology and orthopaedics

7. Gynecology

8. Surgical diseases (Part II)

9. Internal medicine (Part II)

10. Infectious diseases

11. Dentistry

12. Professional diseases

13. OPD therapy

14. Child surgery

15. Clinical pharmacology

16. Rehabilitation and medical exercises

17. Autopsy practice

18. Anaesthesiology and resuscitation

19. Medical practice


6th year

1. Internal medicine

2. Cardiology

3. Tuberculosis

4. Clinical pharmacology

5. Clinical allergology and immunology

6. Endocrinology

7. Infectious diseases

8. Skin and venereal diseases

9. Surgical diseases

10. Traumatology and orthopaedics

11. Urology

12. Oncology and oncogynecology

13. Pediatric surgery and traumatology

14. Resuscitation

15. Pediatrics

16. Obstetrics and gynecology

17. Clinical and laboratory diagnostics

18. Social hygiene and public health administration


State Examinations:

1. Surgical diseases

2. Obstetrics and gynecology

3. Hygiene, social hygiene and public health administration

4. Internal medicine and infectious diseases

5. Pediatrics The top graduates and physicians can continue their medical education in postgraduate training courses (4 years clinical residency; 3-4 years research postgraduate training course) on a big variety of medical specialties: therapy, surgery, cardiology, neurology, urology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, obstetrics-gynecology, dermatovenereology etc.


Postgraduate study

• Provides further training in pediatry, therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology;

• Clinical residence in therapeutic and surgical specialties;

• Post-graduate study in therapeutic and surgical specialties;

• Doctor’s degree studies

Faculty of health manpower training for overseas countries

• trains future doctors for countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America.

• at present, about 800 overseas students from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Nepal, Egypt, Pakistan, Germany, Marocco, Iran, Sri-Lanka, Sudan study at the faculty.




Vitebsk State Medical University was founded in November 1934. It included 32 theoretical and clinical departments.

For the large merits in training physicians for public health of Asia, Africa, Near East and Latin America, the Vitebsk State Medical Institute was awarded with the Medal of Peoples Friendship by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

In the beginning of 1999, according to the Ministry of Education Vitebsk State Medical Institute was accredited to a University status.

At present there are 7 Faculties, 53 Departments, Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Scientific Medical Informative Department, Educational and Methodical Informative Center and Library.

There are 374 lecturers of whom 57 are Professors and 120 – Associate Professors. The scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences have 55 lectures and 210 – are Candidates of Sciences. There are 13 scientific academic schools at the University. There are 5 comfortable hostels for students of Vitebsk State Medical University.

Nowadays the University scientists perform researches on 40 perspective medical projects. There are 45 scientific study groups of students. The magazines “Surgery News” and “Pharmacy News”, “Immunology” are published by the University.

At this moment more than 3.5 thousands of students are studying at the University. The overseas students are studying at the University since 1981. The graduate doctors are working successfully in 109 countries of the world. Republic centers “Infection in Surgery”, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Lipid Center, Central Scientific Research Laboratory of the University are well known abroad. The University is the organizer of the international academic meetings. The specialists of the University have developed modern educational programs in order to train highly qualified medical specialists.

All departments have computer tests, plasta casts and phantoms, modern medical-diagnostic equipment.

The most departments are publishing lectures, recommendations, monographs, scientific works, and conference materials. There is a Central Scientific Research Laboratory with modern equipment for training highly qualified specialists at the University. The Medical Scientific Informational Department has the patent fund, data base ”Medicine” (Russia), “Medline” (USA), “International Pharmacy Reports” (USA).





The Grodno State Medical University is a historical successor of the Grodno Medical Academy (1775-1781). The Grodno State Medical University was founded in 1958.The state medical University co-operates with medical educational and research centers in Poland (Warsaw, Kharkov, Poznan, Wroclaw, Byalystok), Germany (Kronakh), Russia (Moscow, St-Petersburg) and other places.

Scientific and practical conferences, scientific congresses on different problems of Medicine are regularly held here.

2000 students are studying at 5 faculties of the Grodno State Medical University:

• Faculty of General Medicine;

• Faculty of Pediatrics;

• Faculty of Medical Psychology;

• Faculty of Medical Nurses with Higher Education (a full-time and correspondence form of studies);

• Faculty of Foreign Students.

The Diploma of the Grodno State Medical University is recognized in the states of West Europe, Asia, and Africa and in a number of Arabic countries as well.

Alongside with the academic work the teaching staff of the Medical University treats patients in 9 surgical departments, 14 therapeutic departments and 5 sub departments. There are 23 clinics functioning at the clinical departments of the University. At present 50 doctors of sciences and professors, 108 assistant professors, 209 candidates of sciences are employed at the University.

There are 4 research laboratories at the Grodno State Medical University. Excellent students go to the West-European countries to participate in medical scientific conferences and symposia, they are granted scholarships for their excellent studies.

There is an “Internet Centre” with free access for foreign students to correspond with their relatives. According to the Agreement foreign professors come to the University to deliver lectures in Medicine, there are professors from USA among them. At the University there is a center for arrangement of postgraduate medical education in West Europe and the USA.

The Contract on co-operation in the field of international education including the medical one has been signed between the Grodno Medical University and the US Embassy in Minsk




Gomel has four universities of different fields and one of them is Gomel state medical university. Today, Gomel State Medical University contains:

250 highly qualified professors, senior lecturers, and assistants.

31 departments, 5 profiles exploratory and a central research laboratory.

18 large clinics equipped with the modern equipment.

The clinical base of the University is one of the best in Belarus,

where the advanced medical technologies on diagnostic and treatment of endocrinology, cardiologic, immunology, hematology, ophthalmologic, oncologic and other diseases are applied.

More than 2000 (including more than 300 overseas) students are studying at different faculties of the University.

The library with rich volume of books and access to Internet, three reading halls enabling adequate preparation for the educational process.

Modern hostels with comfortable flats, lounges and physical training room, sports base

Computer classes with access to Internet are available.

For the years of its existence, the university has prepared about 1500 doctors in 54 medical specialties. The graduates of the University work in clinics of different cities of the Republic of Belarus, Newly Independent States and Western Europe, Middle East and Asia.



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